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Help reduce and prevent back injuries and increase productivity using Lift Mates Solo Lift and Lift Mates Dual Lift box handles and box lifting devices. Easier lifting equals safer lifting at the best prices anywhere!
Lift Mates Box Handling Devices and Box Grips
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Lift Mates Dual Lift
Lift Mates Box Handling Devices and Box Grips
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Lift Mates Dual Lift
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Allows the user to keep their shoulders level and back straight while lifting boxes.  No more tilting, twisting and bending to the floor to lift a box. The ability to lift boxes properly is greatly enhanced allowing the legs to do the lifting.  The box is
lifted more quickly, and held closer to the body saving time and effort.

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The Lift Mates Dual Lift Comes Complete with Two Dual Lift Box Grips, Holsters and High Quality Waist Belt!
Model LM02A
Only $19.95 per Set
Shipping Weight: 4 Lbs.
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